Donna Star Foods

small farmers
& co-packers
to scale their business


Donna Star Foods provides highly reliable food distribution services and products.
We are an established USDA vendor and have successfully performed on Government Contracts within the food industry due to our solid, established network of suppliers.

Our Mission

The mission of Donna Star Foods is to continue to provide added value products and services to our business partners and expand our Service-Disabled Veterans employment by expanding into various retail grocery, food service, and hospitality sectors. Therefore, as we expand into non-government sectors to employ more veterans and assist small farmers & co-packers to scale their business with a service-disabled veteran firm that has a proven record in meeting all contractual obligations.

Donna Star Foods products meet the highest nutritional standards. Additionally, sustainable development is a core goal because we believe in maintaining productivity by replacing resources used with resources of equal or greater value without degrading or endangering natural biotic systems. We are doing our part to encourage regenerative farming of all types, and only work with entities that share this value.

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