Donna Star Foods


Our Beef Products:

Ready to Cook

Portion Controlled Steaks

Country Fried Beef Steaks

Beef Stew Meat

Beef Burger Patties

Breaded Veal

Fully Cooked

Beef Pot Roast

Beef Meatloaf with Sauce

Beef Barbacoa

Beef Bone-In Short Ribs

Beef Prime Rib

Shredded Beef

Corned Beef

Beef Pastrami

Roast Beef

Black Angus or CAB Roast Beef

Sliced Beef for Stir Fry

Beef Brisket (Sliced, Whole or Shredded)

Donna Star Foods provides highly reliable food distribution services and products. We are an established vendor and have successfully performed on Government Contracts within the food industry, due to our solid, established network of suppliers.

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